SAFETY Act Certification

Iveda Received Stamp of Approval from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Iveda now has Certification from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology Provider.
Iveda has had the SAFETY Act Designation since 2009. The DHS renewed it in 2014; shortly after, Iveda began the Certification process. Iveda had to consistently prove that the technology performed as designed during the 5-year Designation period. The DHS granted the Certification status in January 2016, which placed Iveda’s technology on the “Approved Products Lists for Homeland Security.”

SAFETY Act Certification gives liability protection for providers of anti-terrorism technologies and their customers. By contracting or using a SAFETY Act designated or certified company to provide a function within your organization, you effectively shield your company from liabilities from a terrorist act, stemming from the failure of that designated or certified company’s technology or service.

How does the SAFETY Act define an “Act of Terrorism?
Pursuant to the SAFETY Act (A) The term “act of terrorism” means any act that the Secretary determines meets the requirements under subparagraph (b) of the Act, as such requirements are further defined and specified by the Secretary. REQUIREMENTS- (B) An act meets the requirements of this subparagraph if the act is:
  • is unlawful
  • causes harm to a person, property, or entity in the United States, or in the case of a domestic United States air carrier or a United States-flag vessel (or a vessel based principally in the United States on which the United States income tax is paid and whose insurance coverage is subject to regulation in the United States), in or outside the United States
  • uses or attempts to use instrumentalities, weapons or other methods designed or intended to cause mass destruction, injury or other loss to citizens or institutions of the United States.
Iveda’s Certification protects our customers utilizing our video hosting and real-time surveillance technology, our partners reselling these services, and vendors we use for enabling these services.

According to Homeland Security and Defense Business Council “if a company purchases and deploys or implements a SAFETY Act-approved technology (whether Designated or Certified) and is sued following an act of terrorism for real property or personal injury damages that are caused by the qualified anti-terror technology, the customer also has the right to seek immediate dismissal of the civil claims – a very unique and powerful defense. ” [1]

[1] The Homeland Security & Defense Business Council, Executive Brief, October 2008.