Cloud-based ITS – Traffic Technology International

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Bird’s-eye view David Ly, CEO and founder of video surveillance provider Iveda, agrees that DOT resistance to cloud storage will melt away. He says that the future of video surveillance is in the cloud rather than with box-based systems involving cables, chops, hard drives or even VHS tapes. “Too many companies and DOTs believe they can just invest in hardware and a few tech

SMBs Prove Size Doesn’t Matter – A&S International

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Small and medium-sized businesses (5MB) are anything but small and medium-sized in terms of their impact on a country's economy. According to the US Small Business Administration (SBA), there are roughly 28 million small businesses, businesses with fewer than 500 employees, which make up 49.2 percent of private sector employment in the U.S. A statistical release

CIO Review – December 2013

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Iveda Solutions (OTCBB:IVDA) is an established and innovative company that delivers secure, open source and enterprise-class managed video services by leveraging the power of cloud computing. The company is passionate about espousing cloud-based video surveillance services that ensure the security of individuals, businesses and communities. They have built a solid organization, including and enterprise-class cloud-based

Service Providers Gain Momentum With Video – A&S International

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As competition in residential and commercial security/automation intensifies, the ability to bring up customized solutions to suit clients' need will be the game changer. We examine some of the latest residential and commercial solutions, potentials and challenges of video verification service and prindples to follow when OEM partnering with security service providers (SSP) and remote

On Cloud Nine – The Journal

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Source: The Journal Cloud-based tools are giving K-12 collaboration efforts a boost. Across the US, innovative collaboration practices are happening in the cloud: Sixth-graders participate in literary salons. Fourth-graders mentor kindergarteners. And teachers use virtual Post-it notes to advise students as they create their own television shows. In other words, cloud computing is no longer

Remote Site Security: Protecting Critical Infrastructure & Key Resources – Remote Site & Equipment Management Magazine

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Source: Remote Site & Equipment Management Remote Site Security: Protecting Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources As a remote site operator, supervisor or field technician you’ve seen your fair share of disparate geographical sites, each with varying levels of safety and security concerns along with extreme weather conditions. However, one concern that is not often kept

Cloud Cover Predicted – Network Centric Security Magazine

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Source: Network Centric Security The forecast calls for computing and storage in the cloud Perhaps you’ve heard of cloud computing and thought maybe you should look into it one day -- just to see what all the hype was about. Well, the cloud isn’t some far-fetched figment of a science fiction writer’s imagination. It’s here

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