Preventing Crime and Acts of Terrorism in Self-Storage: Using Products and Services Approved for the SAFETY Act – Inside Self Storage Magazine

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Source: Inside Self-Storage Theft, vandalism, graffiti, break-ins, employee safety, destruction of property, and lawsuits are all common concerns among self-storage owners and operators. Although there are many precautionary measures available and in use today, unlawful and criminal activity seems to lurk around every dark corner, pushing self-storage facilities to advance toward high-tech security. In self-storage,

Self-Storage Video Surveillance – Choosing the right vendor to fill your security needs – Inside Self Storage Magazine

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Source: Inside Self Storage Magazine Choosing the right security vendor is a bit like developing a budding relationship into a happy marriage. You want dedication, mutual respect and the ability to keep promises. Every self-storage facility has different requirements for its security system, so owners and operators should seek a vendor compatible with their particular

Shrinking the World with Remote Surveillance – A & S International

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Source: A&S International Magazine The remote video monitoring and surveillance market, while still in its infancy, was estimated to be worth US$292.9 million in 2007 and is forecast to exceed $1 billion by 2013, according to the “Worldwide Market for Remote Video Monitoring and Surveillance” report by IMS Research. As natural resources such as copper

Keep an Eye Out – Radio Magazine

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Source: Radio Magazine Is it safe?” Do you recall this memorable line in the 1976 classic conspiracy thriller, Marathon Man, with Dustin Hoffman? Is it safe? Is your radio station safe? According to the Media Security and Reliability Council, radio broadcasting stations “should have appropriate physical security, augmented by security personnel and/or video surveillance at

Live vs Rewind – Security Technology Executive Magazine

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Source: Security Technology Executive, Video Technology & Applications supplement For certain end users, using live surveillance services can translate into better, cost-effective security. The days of scratchy images recorded on videotape are long gone. Advances in surveillance camera technology mean crystal-clear digital pictures that can be viewed in real time as events occur, or reviewed

Video Surveillance – Retail Facility Business Magazine

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Source:  Retail Facility Business One size does not fit all for loss prevention American business owners lose billions annually to crime-related incidents, and retail losses are impacted by ever increasing shoplifting volume. Large and small businesses need to be more alert than ever to problems that could ultimately devastate their business or lose customer and/or

The Latest in Monitoring Products – Software to Consoles – Security Dealer & Integrator Magazine

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Source: Security Dealer & Integrator Iveda Solutions provides video hosting and real-time 24/7 remote surveillance services, using a combination of Internet-enabled cameras, a secure data center and intervention specialists. Proactively monitoring a customer’s premises, intervention specialists take snapshots of events and store them in Iveda Solutions’ proprietary reporting system, Iveda Solutions Daily Surveillance Report (DSR).

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