Sentir® Cloud Video Surveillance Management Platform

Sentir® Cloud Video Surveillance Management Platform

Sentir cloud video surveillance management platform is Iveda’s proprietary software with video streaming and storage technology. It offers the video surveillance functionality of traditional security industry DVRs (digital video recorders) and NVRs (network video recorders). All delivered from the cloud as an application.

Sentir passes all the accepted standards of Cloud Computing. With defined characteristics such as commercial accessibility over the web, software management from a central location, a “one-to-many” delivery model, no user handling of software upgrades and patches, and API availability for integration – Sentir is true Cloud. Sentir has an integrated cloud storage management technology. In addition, it has a built in software-defined storage technology that is designed with Big Data in mind. This adds another level of uniqueness and differentiation from current industry solutions.

Sentir is for Licensing to Telcos, Data Centers, ISPs, and Other Service Providers Globally

Telecommunications companies (telcos), data centers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and cable service providers around the world can now leverage Sentir within their global infrastructure. Hence, another value-add service by offering video surveillance service to their customers on a subscription basis.

Sentir cloud video surveillance management platform is ideal for distribution by companies providing services to an existing customer base (consumers and small businesses). Their customers are already paying monthly service fees for services. Cloud-video services can be bundled with their existing offerings to provide a new recurring revenue stream, while enhancing customer value, satisfaction and loyalty.

Likewise, security integrators can now offer cloud video services to customers who prefer to reduce their capital outlays and instead pay a monthly fee for their security surveillance needs. This new service offering provides security integrators with recurring monthly revenue, while eliminating the need to build and maintain their own cloud infrastructure.

End users Benefit from Sentir


For the end users, Sentir eliminates infrastructure management, maintenance and support burdens. This is because the service provider manages every aspect including video applications, runtime, middleware, operating system, virtualization, servers, storage, and networking. The platform provides video surveillance without additional hardware; cameras, power, and an Internet connection are all the user needs. Consequently, users can access video anywhere, 24/7 using a web browser or a mobile app.