Building Security

More and more building owners and administrators are turning to new technologies to help them manage their buildings more efficiently, economically and environmentally friendly. It’s a win-win for both the building owners and its tenants. Automation and life conveniences have improved the quality of life of urban dwellers.
IvedaAI provides intelligence to any existing video surveillance system. For instance, using cameras in entrances in conjunction with IvedaAI, can detect individuals that are not supposed to be in the building. Likewise, when unauthorized individuals try to enter restricted areas, an alert can be sent to security.
Smart buildings are no longer just about security. Iveda provides an IoT platform to centrally and remotely manage sensors and devices throughout the building. Such sensors and devices include lighting control, door sensors, temperature sensors, water sensors, and power panels.

• Access Control
• Face Recognition
• Intrusion Detection
• Video Surveillance
• HVAC Management
• Lighting Management

Advantages of Smart Buildings

• Reduces operating costs

• Increases productivity

• Improves tenants’ experience

• Inherently green

• Solidifies competitive advantage